Housing is one of the most challenging expenses that veterans returning from active-duty (and their families) pay. A recent research report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition has identified that the affordability of the average one-bedroom apartment in the United States requires a minimum hourly wage of $17.14 per hour. The affordability of an average two-bedroom apartment requires an hourly wage of $21.21 per hour.

37 +

Total number of veterans experiencing homelessness in 2019

13.2 +

Veterans living in places not fit for human habitation

11000 +

This year to date, more than 11,000 veterans, many experiencing chronic forms of homelessness

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Is often a result of several converging factors, for example, Washtenaw County’s rising housing costs and lack of affordable housing – paired with a lack of housing supports (e.g., vouchers, rental assistance) drives a significant share of instances of homelessness in the community.

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