Emergency Veterans Transitional Housing Program

Participate in our mission and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for our veterans.

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Our mission is to be there for our veterans and their families by providing interventional programs in their time of need. Our goal is to empower our veterans through our holistic programming and real-world understanding of their situations and needs. We don’t simply seek to help end homelessness for our veterans here in Michigan, but to be part of the national solution.


- President Joshua

Was founded by Joshua McAllister, a veteran and family man, who himself had to make the difficult transition back into civilian life. As a returning serviceman from active duty, Joshua and his family endured hardship and obstacles as he reassimilated back into civilian life.

8 Years in the U.S. Marines

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Our work is driven by our passionate belief that we have the responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of the veterans, and motivate them through innovative and dynamic programs, that will help rejuvenate their lives and gain more productive and fulfilled in life.

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Just $10 makes a real difference in the lives of our Nation’s Homeless Veterans. We need your help.